Jackie McCarthy Launches Select Board Bid

Reading, MA — Reading is a special place. We have a proud history, a prime location, and a plethora of cultural, religious, and social organizations. But what is most special about Reading? The people.

People in Reading help their neighbors. They check in on each other. They support one another and find common ground. We all love our families and friends. We want the best for our kids, our relatives, and our neighbors. And we want to live in a town where volunteerism and community involvement aren’t just words, They are our values and our actions.

In this spirit, I’m launching my campaign for Select Board. In the coming weeks, I’ll be talking to Reading residents and businesses to better understand our challenges and find solutions.

As we begin, here are my initial areas of focus:

First, the COVID-19 pandemic is still part of our lives. How can we address this evolving virus in a way that balances public health decisions with our need to maintain and expand our business, educational and social activity? On a related note, how do we ensure that the federal stimulus funds the town receives address our highest-priority needs while retaining our town’s sound financial record?

Second, we are welcoming Fidel Maltez, our new Town Manager, next week. How can we empower Fidel, and indeed all our Town staff, to deliver excellent services and improve on our town’s existing strengths in fiscal operation?

Third, we live in a time of unprecedented access to data and communications. How can we improve Reading’s communication channels about town activities, issues, and opportunities for civic involvement?

My background as a government relations attorney gives me experience with seeking common ground across stakeholder groups. My neighborhood’s engagement on the Auburn Street water tank redevelopment gave me keen insights into how our town’s boards, committees and commissions work. I have applied those insights in my roles as a Finance Committee member and as a Town Meeting member. And most importantly, I’ll focus this campaign on my optimism about this town and my respect for its residents, first responders and staff. I will listen, learn and serve. I hope to earn your vote on April 5.

Please visit http://www.jackieforreading.com for more information, or follow the campaign on Facebook or Instagram.

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