Reading Residents in the 2021 Boston Marathon

On Monday, October 11, the town of Reading will have 18 residents toe the line in Hopkinton to run in the 125th edition of the famed and fabled Boston Marathon. Below is the list of runners with their bib numbers:

19519Amendola, Andrew37Reading
17845Anderson, Joanna43Reading
18249Christino, Jim40Reading
19401Flagg, Kaleigh25Reading
18001Giliberti, Katelyn35Reading
18887Keilty, Steffanie38Reading
9317Kelly, Meg28Reading
16734Lenox, Karen56Reading
14146Moore, Christopher71Reading
2948Ryan, Joseph35Reading
19072Saunders, Barry58Reading
19334Simpson, John43Reading
17537Stapleton, Tammy51Reading
17196Sullivan, Michael47Reading
16673Sweeney, Brendan27Reading
18838Treseler, Christine28Reading
15393Viegas, Stephen72Reading
17194Wicken, Christopher40Reading
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