LTE: Competent and Informed

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It’s time for Bill Brown to take a step back and stop targeting the female members of the Select Board for public attacks through letters to the editor either here or the local paper.  I am tired of his critiques, in the past of then SB member and chair Vanessa Alvarado and, now, current member and chair Karen Herrick.

From my point of view, Karen, current SB member Anne Landry, and Vanessa are all well informed, extremely competent women who have and are serving our town well on the Select Board.  I am very pleased that we have women like them in the town who are willing to step forward and devote some of their overstretched resources to serving in these important volunteer positions.  

I too observed a substantial portion of the June 29 Select Board meeting and I saw a chair who was very well organized, kept the Board on task, provided ample time for all members to state his/her opinion, and was polite and thoughtful.  Perhaps Mr. Brown is looking through the wrong lens.

Mary Ellen O’Neill
125 Summer Avenue

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