Signage for Fat Larry’s Ice Cream and Drew’s Stews Approved by CPDC

Reading, MA — Fat Larry’s, a new sandwich and ice cream shop soon to be opening at 161 Haven Street, received an endorsement of the Certificate of Appropriateness for a sign from the Community Planning and Development Commission (CPDC) by a vote of 5-0 on May 24.

Ann Dicicco, speaking for the owners, shared that the sixteen-foot long, two-foot-tall sign would be the same size and shape as the one there for the site’s former occupant, the Reading Butcher Shop. DiCicco continued reporting that no exterior lighting will be required for the sign. The shop hopes to open this summer.

161 Haven Street – Future home of Fat Larry’s

By a vote of 5-0, CPDC also approved an Endorsement of Changes to the master sign plan for 475 Main Street. This approval will allow a new business, Drew’s Stews and More, to install a sign with larger letters than previously allowed. The letters will be attached directly to the facade over the front entrance to the new business. “I like the style of the letters on the brick without a board behind,” commented CPDC member Heather Clish. There will also be small gooseneck lights illuminating the sign. The decision by CPDC will allow the second tenant in the new building, when determined, to use the same type of lettering. Business owner Andrew Maggiore stated he hopes to be open “by the holiday.”

After discussion, CPDC approved two minor amendments to the planned unit development plan for Johnson Woods by a vote of 4-0. The request was continued from the April 20 CPDC meeting. Bill Bergeron, from Johnson Woods, shared that the plan for building 47, adjusted to a single-family home on White Oaks Lane from a duplex, has been moved one foot to a similar footprint as the previously proposed building. Building 33 has been changed from a duplex to a triplex in the same location. The new building will be further from the road than the original plans and will have three driveways. 

Abutter Ellen Mastrocola expressed concern over the lack of guest parking causing issues in the area. “It’s going to be a bottleneck,” she commented. Chair John Weston agreed. “The problem of visitor parking is an issue development-wide that should be addressed,” Weston suggested. CPDC member Nick Safina stated that the plan only adds one driveway, which is not likely to have significant overall impact. He also suggested to Bergeron the possibility of flaring the ends of the driveways to increase vehicular capacity. 

Attorney Brad Latham, speaking for Johnson Woods, reported that planned two-car garages on Trevor Court had been put on hold for the near future. The planned landscaping in the area will be continued.

CPDC also voted 5-0 to allow the merging of the lots at 0 Washington Street and 99 Washington Street.  With the merge, the new lot would meet the zoning bylaw requirement for an S15 residential district.

The planned continued hearing for 18 Woburn Street was continued to June 14 at the applicant’s request. CPDC adjourned at 9:55 pm.

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