LTE: Town Meeting Members Call for Civil Discourse

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Dear friends and neighbors,

As you may know, Reading Town Meeting has been having important discussions regarding social justice and equity, mental health, public safety, and how taxpayer dollars are spent. These are important and sometimes challenging conversations. As a Town Meeting Member, I am committed to a fully democratic local government process where all voices are heard. To that end, I denounce language that degrades, belittles, or discriminates against fellow human beings based on age, ability, gender identity, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, or creed. It is my belief that such language has no place in civil political discourse.


Linda Snow Dockser, Precinct 1
Mark Dockser, Precinct 1
Nancy Docktor, Precinct 1
Megan Fidler-Carey, Precinct 1
Diana Halsey, Precinct 1
Kevin Leete, Precinct 1
Sheila Mulroy, Precinct 1
Paula Perry, Precinct 1
Eric Burkhart, Precinct 2
Denise Iozzo, Precinct 2
Kaitlyn Mercurio, Precinct 2
Simone Payment, Precinct 2
Emily Sisson, Precinct 2
Christine Strack, Precinct 2
Laura Wilson, Precinct 2
Jason Clarke, Precinct 3
Laura Fusco, Precinct 3
Meredith Yoder, Precinct 3
Barry Berman, Precinct 4
Ann Cruickshank, Precinct 4
Christopher Feudo, Precinct 4
Andrew Friedmann, Precinct 4
Eric Gaffen, Precinct 4
Erin Gaffen, Precinct 4
Tom Grant, Precinct 4
David McIsaac, Precinct 4
John O’Neill, Precinct 4
Mary Ellen O’Neill, Precinct 4
Chuck Robinson, Precinct 4
Elizabeth Shurland, Precinct 4
Marianne Tompkins, Precinct 4
Liz Whitelam, Precinct 4
Vanessa Alvarado, Precinct 5
Angela Binda, Precinct 5
Annemarie Cory, Precinct 5
Laura Joelson, Precinct 5
Helena Johnson, Precinct 5
Dianne Kennedy, Precinct 5
Anne Landry, Precinct 5
Christine Lusk, Precinct 5
Eileen Manning, Precinct 5
Phil Pacino, Precinct 5
Ed Ross, Precinct 5
Jeanne B. Thomases, Precinct 5
Geoff Beckwith, Precinct 6
James Bonazoli, Precinct 6
Jeanne Borawski, Precinct 6
Joe Carnahan, Precinct 6
James Gordon McIntosh, Precinct 6
Etain O’Dea, Precinct 6
Michele Sanphy, Precinct 6
Dru Wood-Beckwith, Precinct 6
Carl F. Anderson III, Precinct 7
Jesse Arnold, Precinct 7
Lisa Bibeau, Precinct 7
Nick Boivin, Precinct 7
Heather Clish, Precinct 7
Kerry Dunnell, Precinct 7
Jen Hillery, Precinct 7
John Lippitt, Precinct 7
Gina McCormick, Precinct 7
John Sullivan, Precinct 7
Erin Tierney, Precinct 7
Carolyn Whiting, Precinct 7
Shawn Brandt, Precinct 8
Amy Cole, Precinct 8
Sasha Corken, Precinct 8
Sarah Doane, Precinct 8
William Finch, Precinct 8
Kate Goldlust, Precinct 8
Karen Gately Herrick, Precinct 8
Patricia Lloyd, Precinct 8
Todd Merkle, Precinct 8
Martha Moore, Precinct 8
Theresa Wiggins, Precinct 8

NOTE: Several Town Meeting Members submitted a request to sign this letter via a google form. In the event that the organizers were unable to reach these folks to confirm their intent, we did not include their names out of an abundance of caution to ensure no signers were included without their consent. We apologize to our fellow Town Meeting Members we were not able to reach in time to include your names.

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