LTE: Voting Against Director of The Reading Alliance for Equity and Human Rights

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On April 29, I and the other 191 Town Meeting members will meet and vote on the proposed 2022 budget. Given there are only so many dollars to be divided up (the pie is only so big), the members must consider what is the biggest bang for the buck.

The Library Board has requested money for a new position Director of The Reading Alliance for Equity and Human Rights. The projected salary for this position is $70,500 add to that $17,000+ for benefits. The total cost is now $87,500. Given the 60/40% split, this means that the school’s share would be $52,000 and the Town $35,000.

I suggest that each Town Meeting member read the report of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Human Rights and decide for yourself if this position should be funded or should the $87,500 be spent on other parts of the budget that may do some good as to spending on a project that makes you feel good?

I have concluded that the money would be better spent on other budget needs that will do good; therefore, it will be my intent to offer a motion to amend the Library budget to decrease it by $70,500.

William C. Brown 
28 Martin Road

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