Special Town Meeting Called

The Select Board, by votes of 5-0, approved three motions which provide for a Special Town Meeting to be called in the midst of the Annual Town Meeting on April 26. The purpose of the Special Town Meeting is to ask Town Meeting to authorize the Select Board to execute one or more ground leases of town-owned property located at the site of the Auburn Street water tower for the purpose of installing, maintaining, and operating a temporary ballast monopole tower. Executing these leases came at the recommendation of Town Counsel Ivria Fried.

The tower will hold the equipment for at least two cell carriers and town emergency communications equipment during the demolition of the current water tower and the construction of a new water tower on the site. The ballast monopole tower will be financed by the cell carrier with the winning bid on an upcoming request for proposal. This arrangement resulted from an agreement between the carriers and the town that will allow the carriers to maintain uninterrupted coverage in the area.

The Select Board adjourned to executive session at 7:25 pm to continue discussions regarding civil court and administrative actions involving 59 Middlesex Avenue and the possible purchase of said property.

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