LTE: The Watertower Issue Proves Vanessa Alvarado is the Right Choice for Reading

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I confess, even though I live within view of the town water tower, I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about the cell tower the town proposed building at the site. However, after watching how the issue was handled by Vanessa Alvarado, I’m more convinced than ever that she is the right choice for Reading’s Select Board.  

Many of my neighbors have much stronger feelings about the proposed tower than I do. They worried that the tower would make their neighborhood less safe, that it would make their neighborhood less desirable to live in, that it would hurt their property values, that it was unnecessary when antennas could be placed on a replacement water tank, and that it would lower their quality of life. Many also felt that the town didn’t notify the neighborhood of the cell tower proposal and wasn’t listening to their concerns. When my neighbors reached out to Vanessa Alvarado, they found a town official that was eager to hear their concerns, took those concerns seriously, advocated on their behalf, and ensured that the town’s solution responded to the concerns of the residents who would be directly affected by the issue. 

I repeat: She listened, she cared, she advocated, and she pushed to find a solution. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly the kind of person I want representing me on the Select Board.  

When my friends on Auburn Street, Beacon Street, and Chestnut Road were deciding whether to vote for Vanessa Alvarado three years ago, I doubt the deciding factor was her position on a yet-to-be-proposed cell tower in their neighborhood. I don’t know what issues will pop up in the next three years that will meaningfully affect my life, but I do know that if Vanessa is re-elected, I’ll have an elected official who will go to bat for me because she has shown that is the kind of leader she is.

Please join me in re-electing Vanessa Alvarado to the Select Board on April 6.

John Sullivan
Weston Road

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