LTE: Supporting Geoffrey Coram for School Committee

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To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Geoffrey Coram for School Committee. I am a recently retired RMHS teacher and can attest that he raised two hardworking, conscientious daughters who were a pleasure to have in my classroom. I can also attest to his involvement with the schools because it seems like I saw him everywhere, whether it was ushering at a Drama Production, attending a School Committee meeting, campaigning for “Yes for Reading,” participating as a member of Town Meeting, or attending a meet and greet for a previous School Committee candidate, to name a few. In conversation, Geoffrey was always thoughtful and willing to listen to another’s ideas, an important quality for a School Committee member. With Proposition 2½ limiting the amount of money that the town can spend on the schools, prioritizing how we spend that money is always going to be a tough job for the School Committee. I think that Geoffrey’s experience with the budget process and his calm demeanor in meetings will be valuable in this process.

I feel confident that Geoffrey will work to address the needs of all Reading students if he is elected to the School Committee. I plan to vote for Geoffrey Coram for School Committee on April 6, and I urge you to do so also.

Martha Moore
Sanborn Lane

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