Grand View Road Extension Reviewed by CPDC

Reading, MA — On January 11 the Community Planning and Development Commission (CPDC) reopened the public hearing for a proposed four lot definitive subdivision located at 4 Cold Spring Road. The plan would extend Grand View Drive south in an existing right-of-way with a 25-foot wide private road ending in a cul-de-sac. The proposed name for the new road would be Penny Lane. Three new house lots would be created, with the existing home remaining on the fourth lot. As proposed, the new lots would meet existing frontage requirements and the newly built homes would meet all current setback requirements.

The original proposal changes include an increase in the size of the drainage capacity for stormwater run-off, the replanting of some trees on town-owned land, and making the west side of the street a no parking zone. A driveway on one lot was also shifted to avoid ledge excavation.

Project engineer Giovanni Fodera shared that the plan will be submitted to the Conservation Commission this week. He expects conservation issues to be “minor in nature” as all proposed construction is outside the wetlands buffer zone. CPDC continued the public hearing on the matter to February 8 at 8:30 pm.

CPDC held a joint public hearing with the Select Board regarding proposed bylaw amendments to be submitted for April Town Meeting that seek to make the process simpler for businesses to apply to use outdoor space to help meet their needs. “The goal here is for our businesses to succeed.” CPDC Chair John Weston shared. “Whatever we can do, we are happy to do that.”

After closing the public hearing, CPDC voted 5-0 to recommend the proposed amendments to Town Meeting.

CPDC also reviewed plans to work on issues for bylaw amendments for the November 2021 Town Meeting. Instructional motions from last November’s Town meeting raised topics such as lot coverage for the downtown smart growth district and short-term rental regulations. Community Development Director Julie Mercier reminded the committee of work, including the amendment of definitions and a floodplain overlay district underway before the COVID shutdown. She also suggested that work on the sign bylaw and the parking bylaw may be in order.

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