Letter: Reading Alliance for Equity and Social Justice

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Depending on the recommendation of the finance committee, the Board of Library Trustees at the annual Town Meeting may seek a new position as Director of the Reading Alliance for Equity and Social Justice.

Reading the job description, the Director does not have the power to achieve the goals without violating peoples First Amendment Rights and in my opinion is just a feel-good position.

The salary for this” director” is $70,555 add $17,637 for benefits for a total of$ 88, 192, which must come from someplace else’s budget. Given the usual split of 60% of schools, 40% of town this will mean $52,914 must come from the school proposed budget and $35,276 from the town budget.

In my 53 years as a Town Meeting Member, I have seen many well-intended positions created such as planning that started with one person and now has three, the Reading Coalition started

with one person with a grant and now with the name change has two and is supported in the tax roll.

If you agree with me, I ask that you call your Town Meeting Member and tell him or her not to vote for this position or better yet take-out papers for a Town Meeting seat and vote NO!

William C. Brown

Martin Road


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