RMLD Launches New Service to Assist Customers Interested in Adopting Efficient Air Source Heat Pump Technology

Reading, MA, – Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) has launched a new service to build awareness of the benefits of air source heat pumps and make it easy for residents to explore and install this efficient technology provides both home heating and cooling. “Air-Source heat pumps are an efficient technology to heat and cool a home and offer many advantages over traditional systems, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and reduced carbon emissions. Increasing the adoption of air source heat pumps is an important component in RMLD’s ongoing electrification efforts,” said Coleen O’Brien, General Manager of RMLD. 

RMLD has hired leading energy services firms, Abode Energy Management (Abode), to provide technical and educational resources to RMLD customers and contractors. Abode will provide sizing and design support to ensure that the installed systems deliver the savings and comfort expected while reducing the home’s overall carbon impact. Abode will also provide a Heat Pump Specialist to assist customers through the process, implement quality assurance checks pre- and post-installation, and build and maintain a list of participating contractors from which customers may solicit quotes. 

Over the past several years, advances in heat pump technology have made it possible to heat and cool entire homes in the New England climate. “Because the systems are highly customizable, it can be difficult to compare quotes and system designs. The Heat Pump Specialist will help RMLD customers navigate the entire process and ensure installations are completed with the utmost quality at a fair price,” said Travis Estes, Chief Operating Officer of Abode. 

Customers can connect directly with Abode’s Heat Pump Specialist by calling the Heat Pump Hotline at 339-707-0918 to ask questions at any point in their heat pump exploration process. When residents are ready to begin the installation, they should call the hotline to connect their contractor to the program. Abode will carefully review design plans and equipment selections to ensure systems will operate in a manner that will deliver the savings and comfort that are expected. While this engagement is required to access RMLD’s heat pump rebates, the process is quick and streamlined and offered at no cost to RMLD customers. 

To best support customers exploring heat pumps, a Participating Contractor List (PCL) will be maintained by Abode and provided as a resource to customers. The PCL goal is to be an inclusive resource that customers can use to request quotes from installers that are familiar with RMLD’s rebate program and have a track record of success and customer satisfaction. Contractors interested in learning more about the PCL are invited to contact Abode via the Heat Pump Hotline. Customers are not required to use an installer from the Participating Contractor List to utilize Abode’s other services or receive RMLD’s heat pump rebate. Please note, RMLD does not endorse, guarantee, or warranty any particular contractor, manufacturer, or product.

RMLD also recently modified its air source heat pump rebate program to support the increased adoption of heat pumps and further RMLD’s electrification efforts. The updated rebate offers $1,000 per ton for new air source heat pump installations and $200 per ton for the replacement of existing heat pump installations. The rebate is available to all customer classes and is capped at 50% of the total installed costs. Visit RMLD’s website for complete program requirements.

For more information, please visit rmld.com 

About RMLD:

Established in 1894, Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) is a municipal electric utility serving over 70,000 residents in the towns of Reading, North Reading, Wilmington, and Lynnfield Center. RMLD has over 29,000-meter connections within its service territory.

About Abode:

Abode Energy Management is a boutique energy consulting firm driving efficiency improvements for New England’s built environment. We are passionate about helping our industry grow through a training-based, collaborative approach. Our collective experience in building performance, renewables, clean energy financing, utility program implementation, community engagement, and workforce development form the foundation that enables us to deliver data-driven results for our partners, clients, and their customers.

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