Reading Police & Fire Log October 1-4, 2020


Reading, MA — Below are highlights from the Reading Police & Fire Log

Thursday, October 1, 2020

  • 1:11am – Complaint of Reckless Vehicle Operation on Middlesex Avenue.
  • 4:21am – Commercial Building Check at Main Street Business.
  • 7:04am – Alarm at RMHS.
  • 8:33am – Investigation of Two-Vehicle Crash at West Street Business.
  • 10:00am – Vista Street Resident Complains of Large Truck Parked on Street in Front of Residence.
  • 10:44am – Possible Injured Coyote Running on Parker Middle School Soccer Field.
  • 10:51am – Main Street Business Complains of Ongoing Issue Regarding Vehicles Parking Over Limit.
  • 11:21am – Riverside Drive Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 11:59am – A Street Resident Reports Receiving Strange Phone Calls on Cell.
  • 12:32pm – Report of People Yelling in Bancroft Avenue Residence.
  • 12:53pm – Complaint of Sedan Parked in Summit Drive Parking Lot for Weeks.
  • 1:40pm – Sunnyside Avenue Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 2:09pm – Investigation of Vehicle Crash in Main Street Parking Lot.
  • 4:36pm – Officers Assisting with Birthday Parade on Eastway Lane.
  • 7:28pm – Report of a Group of Teens Gathering on Walkers Brook Drive Parking Lot.
  • 10:56pm – Lift Assist for Elderberry Lane Resident.

Friday, October 2, 2020

  • 1:55am – Vehicle Repossession on Chesquesette Road.
  • 5:09am – Commercial Alarm at Salem Street Business.
  • 6:38am – Complaint of Construction Crew Working Too Early and Making Noise.
  • 11:59am – Sunnyside Avenue Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 12:24pm – Complaint of Crew Working Without Detail on Sanborn Street.
  • 1:41pm – Eastway Resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Claim.
  • 2:07pm – Vine Street Resident Reports of a Check Being Altered and Cashed.
  • 2:17pm – Summer Avenue Resident Reports Unemployment Fraud.
  • 3:33pm – Complaint of Vehicle Speeding Through Neighborhood on Arcadia Avenue.
  • 4:46pm – Bear Hill Road resident Reports Fraudulent Unemployment Account.
  • 7:54pm – Ash Street Resident Complains of Cars Frequently Speeding Down Street.
  • 8:20pm – Injured Coyote Reported on Main Street.
  • 8:48pm – Disabled Vehicle in Road on Harnden Street.
  • 9:00pm – Report of Smoke in Area of West Street.
  • 9:16pm – Report of Vehicle Broken Into at Salem Street Business.
  • 9:49pm – BOLO for Vehicle out of Woburn.
  • 9:55pm – Report of Youths Shining Green Laser into Passing Cars on Covet Hill Road.
  • 10:32pm – Suspicious Vehicle with Out of State Plates Driving Around the Neighborhood Reported on Haverhill Street.

Saturday, October 3, 2020

  • 7:37am – Investigation of Fire Alarm on Linden Street.
  • 9:46am – Officers Assisting with Birthday Parade on Oakland Road.
  • 11:00am – Commercial Alarm at Main Street Business.
  • 1:06pm – Two Car Crash on Bradford Road Investigated.
  • 1:28pm – Lowell Street Resident Complaints of Dogs Barking Outside for Hours.
  • 2:17pm – Main Street Resident Reports Suspicious Person Sitting at Benches Since Noon.
  • 2:59pm – Smoldering Brush Fire on Evergreen Road.
  • 4:27pm – Disabled Vehicle in Road on Walkers Brook Drive.
  • 5:14pm – Outside Odor of Gas Reported on Washington Street.
  • 6:14pm – Report of Possible Drug Activity in Main Street Parking Lot.
  • 10:09pm – North Reading PD Requests Assistance.
  • 10:44pm – Report of Erratic Vehicle Operator on Mineral Street.


Arrest of One Suspect for Assault & Battery on Intimate Partner.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

  • 3:20am – Report of Outside Odor of Smoke on Woodbine Street.
  • 11:02am – Suspicious Vehicle Reported for Being Parked for Four Days with Windows Down on Milepost Road.
  • 11:07am – Tree Limb Hanging Over Sidewalk on Wakefield Street.
  • 11:39am – Lost Keys on Lanyard Found on Priscilla Road.
  • 11:47am – Complaint of Road Rage Incident on Salem Street Rotary.
  • 12:29pm – Check of Grove Street Residence with Wide Open Front Door.
  • 12:50pm – Investigation of Vehicle Crashing Through Fence on Weston Road.
  • 1:56pm – Report of Outside Odor of Natural Gas at Main Street Business.
  • 4:27pm – Commercial Alarm at Burbank Ice Arena.
  • 5:28pm – Report of Damage to Parked Vehicle in Walkers Brook Drive Parking Lot.
  • 5:52pm – Crossing Guard Unable to Work Morning Post at Killam Elementary School.
  • 6:11pm – Lift Assist for Charles Street Resident.
  • 6:24pm – Complaint of Erratic Vehicle Operation on Forest Street.
  • 6:39pm – Report of Sign Knocked Over on Island on Haverhill Street.
  • 6:44pm – Lift Assist for Abigail Way Resident.
  • 7:56pm – Frank Tanner Drive Resident Reports Dog Barking Loudly in Area.
  • 8:28pm – Charles Street Resident Reports Harassing Phone Calls.
  • 9:54pm – Haverhill Street Resident Reports Suspicious Person Walking in Driveway.
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