LTE: An Open Letter To My Former Students

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My Dear Friends;

Once a teacher, always a teacher. That’s true for so many of us. Here I am putting on my teacher’s hat again. 

Some of you are young enough that this will be your first time voting in a presidential election. Please exercise your right to do so. Make your voice count, because not doing so will mean that you will see your rights as a citizen begin to erode, one by one (It’s already happening!).

To my older students out there, my generation’s time has run its course. Your future is NOW. It’s time to make your mark as the dominant generation, the ones where the power lies. Vote! Be ready to assume the mantle of running what used to be the greatest country in the world. With your active interest and help, it can be so again, but you must make your voice heard. Get involved. Run for office, volunteer.

We need to reverse the trend of selling off our National properties to industrial companies; water and air pollution restrictions were placed to protect you. They work when allowed to do so; affordable health care is mandatory. No one should have to live without proper attention to health issues; women, people of color, and our LGBTQ friends should all have the right to a safe and equal position in life.

Make the choice to reverse the direction we’re all heading. No, it can’t be done in one day, and it won’t be perfect, but to do nothing will surely lead us down a road none of us wants to travel.

Early voting begins in most places in a matter of days. Vote in person if you can, or drop off your ballot at your town’s drop off spot. Don’t use the mail unless it’s the only way you can vote safely.

Thanks for listening, friends. See you on the other side of Nov. 3.


Al Mosier 🎼
Your former Music Teacher

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