Letter: Wind Often Changes Direction

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As we all know the wind often changes direction!

It would seem to me that this is what former Select Board member Barry Berman has done in the recall of Ms. Alvarado.

In a letter to The Reading Post on February 17, 2020 Mr. Berman states:

“Andy’s [Friedmann] remarks are a symptom of a deeper problem. There is a complete breakdown of trust between the Board and the staff. Rather than working together on developing a broad agenda for the town, the Board, through the actions of its current [Alvardo] and past chair [Friedmann], seems intent on overstepping its role and usurping for itself powers and responsibilities the Charter gives to the Town Manager. It is unfathomable to me why for weeks Ms. Alvarado utilized Mitch McConnell tactics to delay bringing Mr. LeLacheur’s recommendation to the Board for ratification. She cannot cite the lack of public input as the reason since as Chair of the Select Board and member of the search committee, it was her responsibility to organize such a forum.”

Together with server other former elected town officials, Mr. Berman wind direction has changed. Along with the others he cites the cost of the special election of ($20,000) he did not mention the cost o Mr. Friedmann as allowed by Ms. Alvarado to find a way around the Charter so that town nonresidents could server on a committee that formed without being posted as required by the Charter at cost of $10,000.

Just as Mr. Berman and Mr. Friedmann have joined the ranks of one term Select Board members, Ms. Alvardo should join them. Mr. Berman was correct in February, but it would seem his wind has changed but the facts have not. Ms. Alvardo violated the Charter and hindered the appointment of the Police Chief.

William C. Brown
Martin Road

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