RMLD Offers Virtual Home Energy Assessments

Reading, MA -– Virtual Home Energy Assessments are now available to Reading Municipal Light Department (RMLD) residential customers through RMLD’s provider, Energy New England (ENE). 

All in-home energy assessments were suspended mid-March due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. ENE quickly transitioned over to a virtual home energy assessment experience, piloting the concept in 20 homes by the end of March. Homeowner response was overwhelmingly positive. In addition to the engaging experience, homeowners appreciated the convenience and personalization they received. 

By using the video feature on iPhone or Android phones, ENE Advisors can capture information about the home needed to create a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment Report without a site visit. A follow up call is scheduled to review the report and prioritize a short- and long-term savings plan. LED bulbs and other energy saving measures normally installed at the time of the audit are either delivered at a later time or mailed. The virtual assessment typically takes 45-60 minutes to complete. 

“ENE’s transition to a virtual audit experience will ensure that these important programs continue to help residents reduce their energy bills, provide opportunities for contractors, and make progress toward the Commonwealth’s energy goals,” said Patrick Woodcock, Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

With the state Stay-at-Home Advisory issued by the Governor, homeowners and renters may see an increase to their monthly utility bills. This program offers a convenient, accessible solution to provide education and assistance for short- and long-term energy saving investments for your home. 

Customers can schedule an appointment by calling 888-772-4242 or by visiting ENE’s website,  https://ee.ene.org/energy-assessment/

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