Letter: Supporting Carla Nazzaro

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My husband and I have lived in Reading for 24 years. Our two boys attended Reading public schools K-12 and are now in college. I fully support Carla Nazzaro’s candidacy for School Committee and urge you to vote for her on March 3.

Carla and I have known each other for eight years, and we definitely have quite different views, especially political. Yet there has never been a time when she and I have not been able to have an open and friendly discussion or debate on any issue. In each case, we always end in agreement on a number of points even if we aren’t in agreement on everything. No matter how passionately Carla believes her position, she always listens and learns from anyone around her. Carla never holds any grudge, never refuses to speak with anyone, is never disingenuous. She is always friendly and open and respectful of others and their points of view.

The issues a school district faces are dynamic and complicated and many interrelationships are at play. Often when we’re in the thick of it, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. I was an active volunteer at each school while my boys were there, especially as an elementary parent, dedicating a lot of time in the classrooms, in the library, and at meetings. I believed then I knew what was most important for my children’s future and for the school district as a whole. As I gained experience during their K-12 years, some of those opinions matured, but I found my points of view continued to change once they were in college and I could look back from a different place. I believe no one can truly understand the whole picture until they have children beyond the K-12 system. With one child in middle school, one in high school and two in college, Carla can and will bring that most valuable holistic perspective to School Committee.

My children are no longer in our schools, and unfortunately many voters in my demographic believe it isn’t as important to vote in these critical local elections, even though we have valuable experience. But it does matter: the school budget represents much more than half of the total town budget, and better performing schools improve property values for us all. I will be out there voting on March 3, and I hope you will join me.

Among the candidates, Carla Nazzaro is the one uniquely qualified and prepared to represent all of us.

Lisa Hutchinson
Harvard Street

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