Letter: Erin Gaffen Has the Integrity, Transparency, & Leadership

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It is very simple—I am supporting Erin Gaffen for Reading School Committee because of her integrity, transparency, caring and civility—combined with the fact that she intently listens, researches so that she knows the facts and then acts as a leader to do what is best for the students of Reading. These attributes are key in providing the best education and opportunities to our children who will become the future leaders of Reading, the Commonwealth and our Nation.

I worked very closely with Erin as a member of the successful YES FOR READING committee. While we didn’t always agree on every item, it did not matter, we worked together to determine the best solution to reach our goals. I know that on every issue confronting the School Committee, she will work together with her co-committee members to gather as much information as necessary so that she can make an informed and confident decision. She knows that there is never an easy answer, but she is always invested in learning and then evaluating the facts.

In summary, I strongly support the election of Erin Gaffen to be a member of the Reading School Committee. I know that she will apply her guiding principles of integrity, diligent research, a thorough analysis of all data, listening to all sides, and fairness coupled with strong leadership skills to provide the best for Reading students so that they can become strong citizens for our Town and the rest of the nation. Please join me in voting for Erin Gaffen on Tuesday, March 3rd [By the Way, early voting is this week in Reading Town Hall.]

George Kachen
Colburn Road
Precinct 8

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