Letter: Russ Graham Endorses Erin Gaffen

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To the editor:

Our annual town election is once again before us, and we must choose those who will fill the offices to oversee the affairs that most affect us.

The challenges before us are many, but clearly, the space needs and the increasing demands of special education are primary. Solving these issues will not be easy. The need for calm and reasonable discourse and the ability to build consensus will be traits needed to accomplish the desired goals.

One candidate stands out in her ability to meet these attributes.

Erin Gaffen has demonstrated in her able and successful work on the last override and in her involvement in the schools a model of how to get things done.

Her background in education, both as a teacher and administrator, provides her the experience and training needed to face head-on these difficult challenges.

I am proud to support for school committee and respectfully ask that you join in supporting her candidacy.

Please vote for Erin Gaffen on Tuesday, March third and help to keep our school system the pride of Reading.

Russ Graham
Maple Ridge Road

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