Letter: Gaffen for School Committee

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Dear Residents of Reading,

It is my true honor to offer an enthusiastic endorsement of Erin Gaffen, candidate for the Reading School Committee on March 3rd. As a former educator, administrator, involved parent and community member, she offers Reading a skill set that is incredibly well-suited to the position she seeks.

  • Roots in Education: With masters degrees in Psychology and Special Education, Erin was a math and English teacher at a local residential school for girls with emotional and behavioral disabilities. During her 10 years building meaningful relationships with her students, Erin also deepened her service to this school by moving on to become Assistant Principal.
  • Connected to her community and devoted to service: Erin began working on behalf of Reading almost immediately upon moving to our community. She served on the board of Sawyer Nursery School, became President of Connect the Tots, President of the Young Women’s League of Reading and a religious educator at her family’s church.
  • Invested in the Reading Public Schools: Next year Erin will have a child at each level of Reading’s public schools. During her time as a Reading parent, Erin has served as a room parent, PTO member, and sub-committee chairperson, School Council Representative, Budget Liaison, Yes For Reading co-chairperson and Town Meeting Member. Her volunteer service in each of these roles is always motivated by a desire to enrich our community.
  • Capable and qualified: Most especially through her commitment as a Budget Liaison and her incredible work on the Yes for Reading campaign, our community has had the chance to witness Erin in action. She is hardworking, inquisitive, patient, and an adept communicator. 

In addition to this convincing resume, I believe that it is the relationships Erin has built through each of her varied roles that demonstrate why she is the right choice to help guide the Reading Public Schools. Erin’s passion, intelligence, organization, confidence, and willingness to listen have naturally drawn a diverse cross-section of people to the organizations and causes with which she is associated, and to her own personal circle. Her desire for positive progress on behalf of Reading’s students is truly contagious and motivating. I cannot imagine a better representative for the learners and teachers in this community than a person with a passion for growth and improvement, the ability to inspire the people around her, and the clear-minded focus to seek solutions that affect the greatest good. 

I share this endorsement with complete and total confidence as Erin has been a dear friend of mine for over 30 years. Throughout our friendship, I have been consistently inspired, as I’ve watched Erin remain true to her brand as a lifelong learner, an open-minded problem solver, and an advocate for children.

Erin has already chosen to dedicate so much of herself to serving Reading. I feel incredibly grateful that she has made the decision to continue that service through seeking a position on Reading’s School Committee. I hope that you join me with a vote for Erin Gaffen on March 3rd.

Ellen LaMarche
Prospect Street

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