Letter: Carla Nazzaro for School Committee

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To the Editor,

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse the election of Carla Nazzaro to the School Committee and would like to share my thoughts with the community. As a former School Committee member, I understand the challenges of the position and what it takes to be an effective member of the body. Having watched the debates, reviewed the websites and backgrounds of each candidate, as well as having spoken to two people who are running, I am highly impressed with Carla Nazzaro. A few key qualities I would like to highlight:

  1. Carla is the only one of the three candidates for the two three-year seats that has experienced Reading Public Schools through at least one child’s graduation. Additionally, in Carla’s case, she has seen two children graduate and will have a third doing so this coming June. I view this as important as the School Committee has spent a great deal of time at the Elementary and Middle School levels over the years, but we are facing significant change at the High School and it clearly needs more attention. It is essential that one of the three newly elected board members has an understanding of the uniqueness of the Reading Public School District, from kindergarten right through graduation. Only Carla is able to offer that perspective.
  2. Carla listens and formulates plans of action. For too long, we have had some School Committee members willing to overlook shortcomings in leadership. It’s time to end the excuses and instead, offer solutions. I have no doubt that Carla will listen to the community and work to resolve issues while also trumpeting the good that is happening within our schools. We have a reputation as a district with an excellent school system. It is why many of us moved to this community. Let’s restore that reputation before we no longer are seen as a community with excellent schools and high-quality instruction and educators. It is important to acknowledge the decline in our standing and work to restore it before it impacts our home values. I believe Carla is best qualified to lead us in this direction.
  3. Carla has extensive experience in Project and Construction Management. The structural deficiencies at Killam have been widely discussed – lead in the pipes, accessibility issues for those that are disabled, etc. Thus, we are likely to have a significant project coming up soon and I have no doubt that Carla will help ask the right questions – questions that are frequently challenging but ones that need to be asked. While it isn’t the role of the School Committee to project manage the project, that background will help to assess risk, ask the right questions about resource alignment and focus the committee and administration on timely and budget bound delivery. Additionally, this skill will make her a great liaison to the Permanent Building Committee throughout the project.

In summary, ideally, a School Committee is greater than the sum of its parts. We don’t need multiple members that bring the same experience. Carla brings a great deal of skill that nobody else on the committee has and she will complement the body perfectly. Therefore, please join me in voting for Carla for one of the three-year seats on the School Committee on March 3, 2020.

Karen Janowski
Azalea Circle

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