Letter: In Support of Carla Nazzaro

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I have been fortunate enough to know and have been friends with Carla Nazzaro since we met in 6th Grade at Fiske School in Lexington back in 1979.  While we moved in different circles, my life was forever changed by her kindness when we had Spanish Class together at Diamond Middle School in 8th Grade.  One day, two boys were bullying me because I was overweight and had not showered that morning.  I was afraid to stand up to them as they taunted me in front of the whole class.  Only one person was willing to help me and stand up for me: Carla.  She inserted herself between me and the two boys and demanded they leave me alone and if they did not, she would notify the Principal and their parents.  Nobody picked on me again.

Two years later, Carla and I were in another Spanish Class together at
Lexington High School.  I was still overweight and did not have many friends.  One day our teacher told us to ‘pair up’ with someone else in class to do a project together.  I dreaded hearing this because I knew nobody in class wanted to work with me.  Instead of partnering with one of her friends, Carla came over to my desk and announced to the class that she was working with me! I almost cried because for once in my life I did not have to have the teacher assign me a partner. It was not until our 20th Class Reunion that I was able to thank her for her strength and kindness.  We have become close friends ever since, and watching her and her husband raise their children, it is obvious she has passed these same gifts on to her children.

These are just two of the many outstanding attributes that Carla will bring to the Reading School Committee, as well as to the schools, families, faculty and staff for all in the Town.  You could not be more fortunate to have her want to become more involved in the future of your children.

Mark French
Lexington High School Class of 1986
Licensed Private Investigator and Founder
Minuteman Investigations

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