Letter: Inaction Speaks Louder Than Words

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Last night’s inaction and disrespect towards our Town’s First Responders was embarrassing and unacceptable.

In the Select Board meeting I heard the detailed process the Town Manager went through in regards to finding a Chief of Police. As a candidate and town meeting member, I’m concerned with the delay. Last night was a glaring example of mistrust. Elected officials don’t require public input on every decision just as the Superintendent is in charge of the day to day and the School Committee’s job is to oversee him. We elect people to work in the best interest of the community, the entire community.

We all make mistakes, but this was more than a mistake last night. John Halsey, as the public safety liaison for his entire two terms, should be allowed to vote and it was clear from what I observed, that the plan was to delay until after the election. I was glad to hear Anne Landry speak on John’s behalf and urge the Board to make this the “highest priority” and be voted on before the election.

Our police officers work to maintain a safe community and we heard last night the inaction of appointing a Chief is hindering and causing stress to our beloved Police force.

Is this the petty politics we want in our Town Government?

I have been using #localmatters from day one when I decided to run for the highest elected office in our town. I urge you to go and use your voice for this local election because every vote counts and all politics is local.


Carlo Bacci
Main Street

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