Letter: Re-Elect Barry Berman to the Select Board

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It is with great enthusiasm that I support Barry Berman for re-election to the Reading Select Board. Barry has long been a passionate servant to the good people of Reading, serving in many capacities, which have provided great perspective and experience in his current and long-time role of Select Board Member.

As a former member of the Reading School Committee myself, I have worked closely with Barry to find ways to meet the challenges in our Town in making it the best it can be for our citizens of all ages. Barry is collegial and isn’t afraid of healthy discourse or asking tough questions, and always willing to admit that he doesn’t know something and when he learns something, applies it as he moves forward in making the decisions that will impact every person who lives in Reading.

While Barry has many strengths, it is independent critical thinking that makes his candidacy the most appealing to me. I have long held the strong belief that party politics to do not belong at the municipal level and Barry conducts himself in his role in just this way. When discussing Barry’s campaign with a friend recently, she said it so succinctly, “Barry is a moderate who is not affiliated solely with any one school of thought. Instead, he listens to all views and does what he believes is best, regardless of whomever else agrees or doesn’t. He is thoughtful and when he casts a vote that is in the minority, he will give specific reasons why and will outline the way he got to the decision.”

Barry takes his role seriously. I serve, along with a few others in our Town who have differing viewpoints, as an Honorary Chair for his campaign. We all have one thing in common, well, two actually. We all want what is best for Reading. AND we all believe that what is best for the citizens of Reading is to re-elect Barry Berman to the Select Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Lisa Frasca Gibbs, MEd

Precinct 7

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