CPDC Approves Johnson Woods Amendment

By a vote of 4-0, the Community Planning and Development Commission (CPDC) approved a minor Planned Unit Development amendment for building 52, on White Oaks Lane on January 14. The foundation for the building, a part of the 45-acre Johnson Woods development, had been poured in the wrong location according to the prior approved plans for the site. The amendment contained several conditions, including the withholding of a certificate of occupancy for the building until an issue concerning a promised and paid for a garage for 162 Johnson Woods Drive is resolved.

Attorney Bradley Latham, representing Johnson Woods developer Ted Moore, presented letters from abutters to the foundation, encouraging its completion. Latham had originally requested the amendment in February of 2018 after negotiating another minor amendment for an apartment building foundation which was also incorrectly located. At that time the CPDC expressed concern over the lack of “as-built” plans for the Johnson Woods development and discussed withholding any additional permits until several issues at the development were addressed, including the 162 Johnson Woods Road garage. Latham argued that the two issues were separate and that building 52 should not be “held hostage” over a disagreement between two private parties. Due to the fact that the garage location would have to be approved by the commission, the CPDC determined that resolving the matter was in their purview. Commission member John Weston expressed frustration with the continuing process at Johnson Woods stating, “We did not want to do this piecemeal.”

CPDC by a vote of 5-0 endorsed definitive subdivision plans for 40 Grove Street. It also discussed possible zoning bylaw amendments to be presented to November town meeting. Included in these potential changes are a fix to the lot shape definition to accommodate cul-de-sacs, changing a footnote regarding the redevelopment of single-family homes into two-family homes in the table of uses that could potentially create issues for the town, and amending Business A zoning to potentially encourage residential uses, especially on South Main Street.

A sign application for 587 Main Street and a continued site plan review for the redevelopment of 258-262 Main Street were continued to February 11. The CPDC adjourned at 11:00 pm.

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