Carlo Bacci Enters the Race Select Board

Carlo Bacci has a vested interest in the Reading community for his family and their family chocolate manufacturer business. In 2006 Bacci first came to Reading when they moved the Chocolate Truffle from its original location in Woburn to its location at 494 Main Street. “Reading was the ideal location for the business because of the proximity to the highways, there was more parking than in Woburn and it also offered foot traffic.” The business had grown to three retail stores, acquired another chocolate manufacturer, “my experience as an entrepreneur and a business broker of helping clients find and sell businesses will bring a unique skill set to the Board because not only do I understand economic development, I live it. With talk brewing of needing another override on the heels of the last override and the debt exclusion for the high school and library and many housing projects before the community, how do we sustain? As a small business owner who has made sacrifices which included moving our family from our home in Wakefield to an apartment above The Chocolate Truffle retail store I have a vested interest and first-hand business experience with the Town of Reading and that’s why I’ve chosen to run.”

Carlo Bacci and his wife Erin Calvo-Bacci are the former owners of The Chocolate Truffle. They operate a family chocolate manufacturer and online retailer CB Stuffer. The company sells into specialty stores locally and nationally. 

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