Election Statement from Vanessa Alvarado

This statement was posted on the Vanessa Alvarado For Reading Selectman 2018 Facebook group

Take a deep breath, the election is over. The lawn signs are gone. In all, 8,555 residents voted. I’m thrilled the override won. I am also honored to follow the women and men who have served on the Board of Selectmen.I would like to thank all of my wonderful supporters who made it possible. This campaign was never about me. It was about all of you and doing right by Reading. I’m humbled by your faith and trust in me and I will work hard to engender the same faith and trust in those who voted for Mr. Arena.

For five months, my platform focused on economic development, local taxes, addressing the lack of transparency, the importance of volunteers, and working together for the benefit of Reading.

Regarding concerns of national “influences”… those supporting me and organizing to help my campaign were all Reading residents (full disclosure: my mother, who lives out of town, held a sign with me on election day). Donations came from Reading residents; with a few coming from college friends, my in-laws and my mother. As the newest member of the Board, I represent all Reading residents… regardless of political identification.

Here is what I would ask of you: Talk to me. I will always value your input. Like many of you, I have children, a spouse, a mortgage and a job. These are great experiences that inform my view of local issues. I respect the investment in time and money that we all made when we chose Reading as our home. I am here to make sure that decision is validated with the best possible local government. Nothing more. I am very excited to continue this work with you.

Warmest regards,
Vanessa I. Alvarado

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