Letter: Critical Support for All Citizens of Reading

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Dear Editors:

Reading is at a crossroads and to remain competitive and vital we must vote YES on April 3. The choice before us is clear: Do we support and protect our most vulnerable citizens by offering them key educational and safety standards—or do we leave them behind, underfunded, and at risk? A great deal is at stake. This vote is our chance to retain and attract the best educators for our kids and to stand behind Reading’s First Responders and give them the support they—and we—deserve. Our elders too would greatly benefit from a YES vote. Going forward, if we want Reading to be locally competitive, if we want our homes to retain and appreciate in value, then we must vote YES on April 3.

A YES vote triggers key services and critical support for ALL citizens of Reading.

  • Our public schools have shown to be a primary reason many people move to Reading. Your YES vote will aid the Reading schools, which already have suffered deep cuts. Your YES vote preserves the middle school foreign language model; restores 5 high school teachers, adds back additional course offerings; and retains 3 elementary school teachers. My career as an author and my wife’s career as a teacher brings us into close orbit with schools around the state and the nation. We have seen first hand what a dearth of resources can do to a school system—and, conversely, what strong support can bring. A lack of school funding builds disrepair and cherished neighbors—frustrated with the declining quality of their child’s education—will move elsewhere to seek better public educations for their kids. If we vote YES on April 3, Reading faces a far brighter future in a system that will graduate our young people to become smarter, more responsible and more compassionate citizens of this country.
  • Your YES vote also brings our critical police and fire departments to crisis-ready staffing levels to help ensure that you, your family and your property remains safe, secure and protected. It will also improve our Town Hall and Elder/Human services and staffing, and reinstate Sunday hours at our beloved and busy public library.

The benefits of a YES vote greatly outweighs the negative impact of a short-sighted No vote. If passed, the Yes vote would mean the average household in town sees an increase of $488 annually. It may not be easy to pay more, but nothing truly worth doing is easy. Let’s do the right thing for our future. Vote YES on April 3 if you believe in Reading and a better future for all of its citizens. Thank you.

Scott & Christy Magoon
Franklin Street

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