Letter: School Committee Statement on Veteran’s Day

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Letter to Editor:

On October 16th, the School Committee had a lengthy discussion on the school calendar with respect to the upcoming celebration of Veteran’s Day on Saturday, November 11. After discussing the possibility of re-voting the current calendar to give students and staff Friday, November 10th off, and therefore extend the last day of school in June, the committee voted to keep the calendar as is. We were concerned that changing the calendar this late in the school year would only give parents and families three weeks’ notice to adjust their schedules and arrange child care. The Committee also expressed a desire to keep the calendar consistent, so the community can rely on and plan around it. Finally, there was concern about the impact of another short week in November along with the extension of the school year in June.

The current school year calendar is in compliance with state guidance, which indicates that when Veteran’s Day falls on a Saturday, it is celebrated on Saturday. When Veteran’s Day falls on a Sunday, it is celebrated the following Monday (per Massachusetts Legal Holidays, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Citizen Information Service). All members of the committee fully support the service of our veterans and active service men and women. We look forward to the many upcoming school events that celebrate and honor the service of our Veterans.

Chuck Robinson Chair Reading School Committee
Elaine L. Webb Vice-Chair Reading School Committee

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