Reading Police & Fire Welcome New Personnel

The Board of Selectmen witnessed several badge pinnings for new police and fire personnel at their October 10 meeting.  Police Officers receiving their badges were Andrew Kirwan, Zachary Fontes, and Benjamin Woodward.

Kirwan, hired on January 9, is an RMHS graduate with a degree in Financial Management and is working on his Masters in Criminal Justice. He graduated from the State Police Municipal Academy on June 23. His father Tim had the honor of pinning his badge.

Zachary Fontes was hired on March 12 and is also an RMHS graduate. He has a degree in Criminal Justice and graduated from the Reserve Police Academy in 2016 and the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) Reading Academy on August 15. He received his badge from his mother Kathleen.

Benjamin Woodward was hired on March 13 and has a degree in Criminal Justice. He graduated from the MPTC Academy on August 15 and received his badge from his parents.

Lieutenant Brian Ryan

Two firefighters were also recognized at the meeting. Jonathan Dyer received his badge as a new firefighter. Dyer has a degree in Fire Management. Brian Ryan has been with the Reading Fire Department since 1999 and was recently promoted to Lieutenant.

The Board of Selectmen welcomed the newcomers to Reading and thanked them all for their service to the community.


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