ZBA to Vote on 40B Decision

The Zoning Board of Appeals will vote on their Draft Decision for the 40B project on Lincoln and Prescott Streets during their meeting on Tuesday, February 21at 7:00pm at Town Hall. The project, known as Reading Commons, is directly across from Reading Depot and will replace the storage building on Prescott Street, the auto repair shop on the corner and the former Certainly Wood building on Lincoln Street. Through the stages of development, this project has been the source of some dismay from abutters and neighbors alike. The density of the project, the lack of on-site parking and the height of the building have all been issues. If in the affirmative, Tuesday’s vote will be a step forward towards seeing the project begin.

The ZBA addressed their final comments regarding the twenty-two page decision at their meeting on February 16. Final tweaks to the decision included updating language about requirements for contractor parking during construction, allocation of visitor spaces once the occupancy of the building reaches 100%, and concerns if additional lighting is needed. The draft decision as amended is available on the Town of Reading website.

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