Free New Referral Resource Available for Reading Residents

The town of Reading, with coordination by the Reading Coalition Against Substance Abuse (RCASA), has invested in a contract with the Interface Referral Service to reduce barriers to accessing mental health services.

William James College INTERFACE Referral Service works to increase awareness of mental health issues affecting children, families, and adults and facilitates access to appropriate services. Reading residents may call to consult with a mental health professional about resources and/or receive personalized matched referrals, free of charge, based on insurance, location, type of provider needed, and availability.

The process begins with an in-take call that takes 20 minutes. When a Reading resident calls, he or she will speak with a licensed clinician called an INTERFACE Resource and Referral Counselor. The clinician will talk with the caller to collect basic contact information, background about the individual or loved one, gather insurance information, availability to meet with someone, and a summary of their concerns.

(For example, someone may call about an elderly parent who is depressed and needs a therapist, has Medicare, and can only use public transportation during daylight hours).

Each caller will receive a case number to keep the process confidential. The clinician will begin a search for a match by using a tailored search process in the comprehensive database, as well as other resources to find the service the caller has requested.

The INTERFACE Referral Helpline is committed to making a match within two weeks of receiving the call (although it is often much sooner), and counselors usually provide individuals or parents with two to three matches. Counselors remain in touch with callers until the individual feels that a good match with a clinician is made. There is no limit to how many times an individual or family can use this service

The Helpline is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at 617-332-3666 X1411 or 1-888-244-6843 X1411. To learn more about or to see other communities in Massachusetts currently contracting with this service visit:

RCASA Program Sponsors include the Reading Hospital Trust Fund.

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