Lt. Governor Polito Signs Community Compact with Reading

Agreement ensures partnership and sharing of best practices


Selectmen Kevin Sexton, Selectmen Chair John Halsey, Town Manager Bob LeLacheur, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, and State Representative Brad Jones. Photo Courtesy Town of Reading

READING – Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito signed a Community Compact agreement with officials from the Town of Reading.  Community Compacts are one of the tools the administration utilizes to strengthen the partnership between cities and towns and the Commonwealth. By entering a Community Compact, a community agrees to implement self-selected best practices. As part of this partnership, the Commonwealth agrees to fulfill a set of commitments and works to provide assistance for a specific community based on their chosen best practice.  Lt. Governor Polito has signed over 230 compacts with communities across the state and some additional applications are pending.

According to Polito, “The Commonwealth is thrilled to announce a new partnership between the Commonwealth and the Town of Reading.  On behalf of the Commonwealth, the Baker-Polito Administration looks forward to working with town officials to implement all of their selected best practices.”

The Community Compact is a voluntary, mutual agreement between the Baker-Polito Administration and individual cities and towns of the Commonwealth.  Through its Compact, Reading will work with the Commonwealth to implement the following best practices:

Energy/Environment ­– Energy Efficiency & Renewables: Reading plans to address energy efficiency by increasing the efficiency of municipal lighting. The Commonwealth will provide Reading with a Community Compact grant to hire a consultant to explore the feasibility for LED lighting in the Town.

Housing and Economic Development – Prep for Success: Reading has undertaken a strategic planning effort, the Reading 20/20 Project, and has just completed an Economic Development Action Plan. In furtherance of its economic development goals, the Town seeks to undertake façade and retail visioning programs achieved by public private partnership as well as establish a formal cultural district. The Commonwealth recommends that the Town work directly with the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) for some of their specific projects like expanding the 40R district and preparing for the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Assessment of Fair Housing requirements.

Other – Visioning Downtown Development and Housing Possibilities:  The Town seeks to “keep Reading an exciting place to live and work” and foster continued investment in economic development that is respectful of the character of the particular location within Town where such development is proposed. Housing and Economic Development (HED) will forward the Town’s request for review by the TA CONNECT team for further consideration and recommendations.

Click here to learn more about the Community Compact Program.

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