Bike helmet incentive program announced

The Reading Police will be conducting a Helmet Incentive Program this summer.  Once school gets out, The Reading Police Patrol Unit will be handing out “citations” for a free ice cream or a free slice of pizza to children who remember that safety comes first and are wearing a helmet while riding their bicycles, scooters and skateboards.

A child has to get caught wearing their helmet, but only a few Patrol Officers will have these citations, so children are warned not to approach any cruisers; the officers will come to you!  Reading Police reminds everyone:  SAFETY FIRST!

The Reading Police department thanks the following local restaurants for their generous donations to this program:

Café Capri

Anthony’s Roast Beef


DandiLyons Ice Cream

Pizza World

Town Pizza

Reading House of Pizza

Columbo’s Pizza and Café

Richardson’s Ice Cream (in Jordan’s)

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