Reading’s marathon runners

Reading’s marathoner Aaron Parry of Reading has never been one to just sit around and watch when action was required.  Even as a teenager, he knew he wanted live a life that helped him to serve others.  This motivated him to enlist in the US Army upon graduating from Reading Memorial High School in 2001.  Now, back in Reading as an Iraq War veteran, he still looks for ways to serve.  Parry is one of thirty-one Reading residents who are running in the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18th.  Some run for the pure enjoyment, some such as 61 year-old Stephen Bradley run to challenge themselves, and some, like Parry, run to raise resources for a cause.

Aaron and Kara Parry

Aaron and Kara Parry

Parry, who has run in other charity events before, is running with the Boston Police Foundation’s first Boston Marathon team.  The Boston Police Foundation was formed in 1993 to provide private financial support for critically needed resources to the Boston Police Department, the oldest police department in the country. The Foundation helps help fund special equipment, advanced training, new technology, officer safety and wellness programs, and youth outreach programs not covered in its annual budget.  Parry first got interested in the Foundation because of his recognition of the value of the wellness programs it provides. “As a veteran, I understand the critical need for programs that help individuals shoulder post-incident stress, anxiety, and depression.”  Parry commented. “I’m running the Boston Marathon to make a difference, to inspire others, and to support my community.”

You can support Aaron Parry’s Marathon team by going to their fundraising website at

Here is the list of Reading runners in this year’s Boston Marathon: Hilary R. Anderson, 28; Raymond F. Ball, III, 29; Stephen J. Blewitt, 56; Stephen Bradley, 61; Tara Cahill, 37; Mark A. Cinelli, 45; Chrissy M. Cronin, 28; David DeFilippo, 50; Ann Domigan, 54; James D. Dudley, Jr. 40; Glenn M. Fiore, 46; Marc A. Fucarile, 37; Michael Girouard, 46; Courtney S. Goodwin, 38; Nicholas B. Graves, 33; Joseph Hagan, 52; Rodney M. Hewick, 69; Jennifer K. Jangro, 50; Christopher A. Lemone, 46; Matthew P. Manney, 56; Mary Beth McDonald, 56; Kelly A. Norden, 27; Angelo J. Panacopoulos, 45; Aaron Parry, 32; Brendan Ring, 42; Shannon Sullivan, 41; Stephen G. Viegas, 67; Courtney Walsh, 32; Terence B. Ward, 43; Jonathan C. Weber, 48; Paul M. Whitelam, 45.

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