Reading Police Log June 26-27, 2024

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire log:

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

  • 12:10am – Order to repossess received via fax.
  • 12:54am – Extra check of a Bay State Road residence.
  • 1:29am – Field Pond Road resident reports concern regarding a vehicle parked in front of their home.
  • 5:57am – Traffic enforcement on Barrows Road.
  • 6:04am – Employee at Burger King on Main Street reports a breaking and entering.
  • 7:08am – Erratic vehicle operation reported on Charles Street.
  • 8:47am – Lift assist for a Berkeley Street resident.
  • 8:57am – DPW notified of a deceased bird on Middle Street.
  • 9:33am – Extra check of a Bay State Road residence.
  • 10:27am – Cumberland Farms on Salem Street reports shoplifting.
  • 10:55am – Traffic enforcement on Susan Drive.
  • 12:22pm – Speedboard deployment on Arlington Street.
  • 12:51pm – Traffic enforcement on Charles Street.
  • 1:06pm – Vehicle repossession on Grove Street received via fax.
  • 1:34pm – Report of solicitors on West Street.
  • 2:20pm – Erratic vehicle operation on Howard Street.
  • 3:07pm – DPW notified of a brown water issue on Main Street.
  • 4:32pm – Indian Tree Lane resident reports being a victim to a scam.
  • 5:35pm – Possible road rage incident in a Walkers Brook Drive parking lot.
  • 5:50pm – Warrant arrest of a suspect on Haverhill Street.
  • 6:42pm – Traffic enforcement on Summer Avenue.
  • 7:04pm – Warrant arrest of one suspect on Elderberry Lane.
  • 7:40pm – Audible alarm reported in a Melbourne Avenue residence.


DISCLAIMER: This information is public information. An arrest does not constitute a conviction. Any arrested person is innocent until proven guilty.

arrest date: 06/26/2024

arrest date: 06/26/2024

Thursday, June 27, 2024

  • 1:46am – Extra check of a Bay State Road residence.
  • 4:13am – Commercial alarm at Public Kitchen on Main Street.
  • 6:03am – Report of a dead rabbit in the road on Main Street.
  • 6:12am – Traffic enforcement on Main Street.
  • 6:17am – Traffic enforcement on Pine Ridge Road.
  • 6:30am – Traffic enforcement on Lowell Street.
  • 6:58am – Lift assist for Woburn Street resident.
  • 9:08am – Complaint regarding construction on Willow Street with no detail.
  • 9:17am – Hemlock Street resident requests assistance with an oxygen tank.
  • 11:25am – Wire down on Pilgrim Street.
  • 11:38am – Traffic enforcement on Woburn Street.
  • 11:59am – Verbal warning issued on Lowell Street.
  • 12:17pm – Possible transformer explosion on Cross Street.
  • 12:37pm – Traffic enforcement on John Street.
  • 1:04pm – Verbal warning issued on Green Street.
  • 1:17pm – Report of solicitors on Timberneck Drive.
  • 1:39pm – Traffic enforcement on Harrison Street.
  • 2:14pm – Traffic enforcement on Pasture Road.
  • 2:22pm – Traffic enforcement on South Street.
  • 2:24pm – Traffic enforcement on Minot Street.
  • 2:34pm – Verbal warning issued for a stop sign violation on South Street.
  • 5:19pm – Washington Street resident reports issues with a neighbor.
  • 5:29pm – Commercial alarm at Chipotle Mexican Grill on Walkers Brook Drive.
  • 5:38pm – Text-a-Tip report for a dog barking at passersby at CVS on Main Street.
  • 6:15pm – MassDOT reports a fuel spill on Main Street.
  • 6:28pm – Lift assist for an Elderberry Lane resident.
  • 7:32pm – Charles Street resident reports receiving harassing phone calls.
  • 7:44pm – Exterior odor of gas reported on Charles Street.
  • 8:35pm – Traffic enforcement on Hopkins Street.
  • 8:53pm – Report of a past speeding vehicle on Charles Street.
  • 10:04pm – Text-a-Tip report of two persons walking slowly up Elliot Street.
  • 10:13pm – Report that a large group of people on motorcycles is being loud on Main Street.
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