Fourth of July Celebrations in the Reading Area

There have been more than 500 fires and explosions involving illegal fireworks in Massachusetts in the past five years. Seven firefighters were injured in these incidents, and damages were estimated at more than $1.5 million.

Between 2019 and 2023, Massachusetts medical facilities treated more than 200 people for burns and other injuries associated with fireworks. Two dozen people were treated for severe burn injuries that covered 5% or more of the victim’s body.

Massachusetts law prohibits the possession, use, and sale of fireworks without a permit and certification. The law applies even if you buy them legally in another state. Leave fireworks to the professionals and see a great professional fireworks display this year. 

Wilmington Fun on the Fourth – June 26 – June 30

Wakefield Parade – July Fourth

Celebrating 100 years! The parade starts on July 4th at 5 pm at the Lakeside office park. It then travels down North Avenue, turning left onto Church Street, then right onto Common Street, and straight through to Main Street. The reviewing stand is at the Americal Civic Center on Main Street. The parade concludes at the Galvin Middle School.

Professional Fireworks Displays Near Reading

LocationDateTimeDisplay LocationRain Date
Wilmington6/29/20249:00 PMWilmington H.S. Field – 159 Church St.6/30/2024
Wilmington6/30/20249:30 PMWilmington H.S. Field – 159 Church St.7/01/2024
Haverhill7/01/20249:15 PMRiverside Park – 163 Lincoln Ave.7/02/2024
Tewksbury7/02/20249:30 PM286 Livingston St.7/07/2024
Andover7/03/20249:20 PMAndover H.S. – 80 Shawsheen Rd.N/A
Lawrence7/03/20249:30 PMField across from HS – 71 North Parish Rd.7/05/2024
Lynn7/03/20249:00 PMBarge near Red Rock – 76 Marine Blvd.7/05/2024
Needham7/03/20249:30 PMNeedham HS Parking lot – 609 Webster St.N/A
Beverly7/04/20249:15 PMBarge 800’ off West Beach – 121 West St.7/05/2024
Boston7/04/202410:30 PM5 barges in Charles River7/05/2024
Lowell7/04/20249:00 PMPedestrian Walkway – Aiken Street7/05/2024
Newton7/04/20249:15 PMAlbemarle Field – 250 Albemarle Rd.7/05/2024
Salem7/04/20249:00 PMSalem Maritime Nt’l Historic Site – 160 Derby St.8/10/2024
Wakefield7/04/20249:30 PMEnd of Beacon St.7/05/2024
Lexington7/05/20249:30 PMLexington HS Baseball field – Worthen Rd.N/A
Methuen7/06/20249:30 PMExit 4 off-ramp of MA-Route 213 – Pleasant Valley St.7/13/2024
North Andover7/06/20249:30 PMHayes Stadium – 495 Main St.7/07/2024

The Dangers of Illegal Fireworks

There were 944 fires and explosions involving illegal fireworks in Massachusetts in the past 10 years. These incidents caused 3 civilian injuries, 43 fire service injuries, and millions of dollars in damages.

Massachusetts medical facilities treated 31 people for severe burn injuries from fireworks in the last 10 years. These reports reflect burns covering 5% or more of the victim’s body.

All fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts for private residents. This is true even if you buy them legally in another state. See a great professional fireworks display this year.

Sparklers Are No Exception

Fireworks and sparklers are not safe, especially around children. Sparklers burn at temperatures of over 1,800° Fahrenheit. This is hotter than the melting point of aluminum! Children suffer some of the most severe burn injuries caused by sparklers. 

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said, “there were an estimated 1,600 emergency department-treated injuries associated with firecrackers and 900 with sparklers” in 2020. This accounted for almost 10% of all fireworks-related injuries that year. Of those 900 injuries from sparklers, 44% were to children under the age of 5. 

In addition to causing injuries, sparklers are hot enough to cause fires — even after they’ve been extinguished. In 2022, the unsafe disposal of sparklers caused a three-alarm fire in Dracut that displaced nine people. 

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