LtE: Vote from “First Principles” on May 14th

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Clearly, I have some bias here, given that Melissa Murphy is my wife of nearly 17 years. We have been together through thick and thin, highs and lows, and have known each other for more than two decades. She means the world to me, and I love her more than anything. I would take a bullet for her…So yes….I am VERY biased. 

So….. I figured I would take a different approach to this letter.  

Reasoning from First Principles 

First Principles is not a new concept; it dates back to Aristotle, who summarized it as “the first basis from which a thing is known.” The idea is fairly simple: Take all assumptions out of the equation and focus on what you know directly to be true….  

I know, this sounds entirely reasonable, right? However, do you make assumptions about people based on who they socialize with, what they do for work, or even worse….what you have heard from someone else? Ironically, that could have been something you read in an LTE.

I would like to think I have never done any of these things, but I know that is untrue. It is fairly difficult with information coming at us constantly….but it doesn’t mean I don’t try. Personally, I think the world and certainly the United States would be better off if we all did this and stopped jumping to conclusions.

There is NOT a divide between the Right and the Left

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a divide between people who think from First Principles and those who do not. Why do I say this? If you take a First Principles approach, you focus on learning about specific items and discovering what is true. This means you talk to people to understand their perspectives, especially those with opposing views.   

To simplify, First-Principles thinkers engage to understand and learn. Those whom are not first-principles thinkers will not engage but gladly throw stones from a distance and make assumptions about people.    

What is the point of this letter?  

Okay, so back to why I wrote this letter….and it is not to tell people they should adopt First Principles thinking, albeit I recognize it seems that way. This is my ask; Melissa Murphy has been working non-stop in an effort to engage with as many people as possible before the May 14th election. She has shared her cell phone and email publicly on TV and in the local newspaper and encouraged people to reach out directly to speak on any issues they would like to discuss related to Property Taxes, Water Bills, Schools, Senior Centers, Zoning, etc…  

In addition, she has reached out to the people who have thrown rocks at her, lied about her, and personally attacked her. Why? She offered to have a conversation with them over a coffee… no surprise, none of those people have ever spoken with her and refused to do so after they attacked her via the internet. So, I will end with three questions, and none of them are to vote for Melissa…but would be glad if you did 😀 

  1. Do you care about your property taxes, water bills, school systems, town infrastructure (roads, electricity, etc..), zoning laws, and other services? Ie. Senior Center, Community Center, etc.. in Reading?  
  1. Why not ask Melissa where she stands on these items?     
  1. If you agree with Melissa, why not vote for her on May 14th?  

Yes, I am biased, but I am not asking anyone to share my bias….that would contradict my entire diatribe on First Principles. I ask to get the information directly from the source and vote on May 14th.  

Brian Murphy
Van Norden Rd 

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