LtE: The Molting of A Community The Point of No Return

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May 14th cometh!!

Whether you’re a diehard conservative, an independent, a discerning moderate, or an uncommitted liberal, we need your vote to help get MELISSA MURPHY elected to the Reading Select Board. Given the importance of the life-altering issues on the table, every citizen should be making their voice heard at the polls. Make no mistake, this is a decisively important election, and only one candidate has Reading’s collective best interest at heart. MELISSA MURPHY.  

For the Progressives, this election is a must win so they can keep their control and domination over every aspect of our town, its governance, and ultimately our lives. These people believe their point of view is a better way of life. To impose those beliefs they need power. Power comes from forming a controlling, intrusive, activist government. To them, winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing, no matter what it takes, no matter how egregious their actions. As their hero, Saul Alinsky, wrote, “People act decisively when they believe there are angels on one side (of the aisle) and devils on the other.” It’s their side that boycotts local businesses for displaying opponent’s campaign signs. It’s their side that accosts elected officials’ children, smear elected official’s performance records, and purposely mis convey facts about events. All this, and more, so we look like the bad guys. They must believe that making us look bad makes them look good. Bipartisan is obviously not a word in their lexicon; there is no middle of the road. But then again, being in control means never having to compromise. So, things get done one way, their way, or not at all.

For us conservatives and moderates, failure to win this election is not an option either – but for very different reasons. Our community, and life as we know it, is inching its way toward a point of no return. To lose this election is to lose our small-town, leave me alone, way of life, and it will be lost forever. We are on the verge of succumbing to enormous debt, upwards of $150Mil, and we are eventually going to be overrun with over 12,000 new residents that will completely gridlock every, already jammed up, intersection. We must shift the balance of power back to our side of the aisle. There is no second place, there is only extinction. We need every able body citizen to vote to help stop the forces behind this agenda driven insanity.

What are the issues? 

  • REPLACING KILAM: it’s looming, it’s unavoidable, it’s overdue, and we cannot run our town without a new elementary school. Estimated cost, *$130Mil.
  • SENIOR CENTER, aka MULTI-GENERATIONAL CENTER: this is being promoted as a multi-generation center because even those supporting this project know it is unconscionable to support lavishing *$30+Mil on the needs of our seniors, nor do the majority of our seniors (of which I am one) want to pay for it. And let’s be honest, multiple generations aren’t going to use this facility. Residents between the ages of 30 and 65 will probably never set foot in the building unless it starts serving food, booze, and offtrack gambling becomes legal. The younger generations are simply too busy managing/enjoying their youthful lives. What we really need to do is refurbish the existing facility, as necessary, for a fraction of the cost. 
  • COMMUNITY PRESERVATION ACT (CPA): this law allows up to a 3% surcharge to be added to our current property tax levy. That would add another $2.6Mil to our tax bills.   
  • MBTA COMMUNITY PROJECT aka MBTA-A3: If there ever is/was a time when Reading residents must stand up and be heard it is now. Our State Government wants to add up to 4900 high-density housing units to our town. The non-negotiable minimum is 1493 units. Yet, the liberals here in town, who presently control our CPDC (Community Planning &Development Commission) and ZBA (Zoning Board of Appeals) are pushing for the max. That could eventually add 12,400 residents. 

            *Remember The Library: what started out as a $12Mil remodel ended up costing about $20Mil. If the above estimates are equally bogus, we could easily be staring down the barrel of a $200Mil in capital projects, or about $1,500/year/taxpayer.

MELISSA MURPHY winning this election ushers in a desperately needed shift in the balance of power. She is well versed in the affairs of Reading, having lived through them. Aside from her volunteerism, like many of us, Melissa has survived the fallout from budget overrides, 3 police chiefs, 3 town managers, 2 school superintendents, and the influence that state and national politics have had on Reading that has nearly bankrupted our sense of community worth. MELISSA MURPHY wants to represent the communities interest in the handling of town issues. She isn’t looking for your consideration as a candidate because of the personal attributes that define her life or lifestyle, nor does she think it would be fair to judge a candidate fitness for office solely on how they chose to define happiness and contentment. MELISSA’S opponent’s camp acts as though one’s personal attributes should be celebrated, not just accepted. WHY? MELISSA wants to be first in mind, and first in choice; as the most qualified for the job. She wants to be engaged with citizens and reinvigorate their pride in ownership of their piece of 01867. Melissa’s strengths are experience, relatability, intelligence, and a deft feel for our towns collective needs, and that wisdom only comes from having lived here 16 years.  

Additionally, and to clear the record:

  • MELISSA has never advocated for the banning of any book. Like any concerned parent with young children, she forthrightly expressed her belief that sexually explicit/graphic books, in a public Library, must be put in an appropriately designated section. 
  • And, in response to the author of a recent POP Huddle email; right back to you. We too have no reason to believe your candidate would have anything to do with the Library bomb scare either. And for said author to state that MELISSA MURPHY’s public stand on issues, “…. has fanned the flames of extremist elements for years.” is so absurd it’s laughable. Is there any depth they won’t descend to? How uncivil. The fact is a lot of people disagree with the Progressive’s side of the aisle. If everyone who’s guilty of that, were equally guilty of fanning the flames of extremist elements, this town would be consumed in an inextinguishable conflagration. 

MELISSA MURPHY wants your vote; Reading needs your vote. Please vote for MELISSA in this special election. 

Bob Hayes
Pearl St

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