LtE: Together for Reading Makes Their First Endorsements!

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Two months ago, Together for Reading registered as the first all-local political action committee in Reading. We believe local elections are just as important as state and federal ones. The last Select Board race was decided by only eight votes!

We created this organization to engage with the community in the hopes of raising voter turnout and driving greater community involvement. The only way to maintain transparency and accountability throughout this effort is through a PAC. We are required to report our donations just like the candidates’ campaigns do, and we have already filed a campaign finance disclosure form. All of our donations, in-kind or direct, are from individual Reading residents.

We are dedicated to full transparency about who we are and where our donations come from. 

We encourage voters to do their own research on all candidates. However, this task can be time-consuming, especially when there are so many candidates running for the eight Town Meeting vacancies in each precinct. Our recommendations are just that — recommendations.

We believe our strength comes from our diversity, openness to different perspectives, and willingness to work respectfully in addressing Reading’s needs. We appreciate all volunteers who contribute to Reading and endorse a slate of candidates who we believe are in alignment with our values.

If you would like to read more about our values, please check out our website. If you share these values, we hope you will consider voting for our endorsed candidates! 

Thank you.

Megan Fidler-Carey,
Chair of Together for Reading

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