Mission of Deeds

Mission of Deeds Six Chapin Ave, Reading – Photos by Kenan Cooper

Since its founding in 1993, Mission of Deeds has stood as a pillar of charitability in the Reading Community. David McIsaac assumed the role of Executive Director in August 2022 and is determined to serve the community as demand for services is higher than ever.

David McIsaac, Executive Director, Mission of Deeds – Photo by Kenan Cooper

McIsaac, a lifelong Reading resident, has had ten years of nonprofit experience. Formerly at an organization that provides sports equipment to children in need, McIsaac was looking for a way to serve his community closer to home.

“What really drew me to Mission of Deeds is it is all about serving the client, and it’s a direct service.”

Mission of Deeds Office Manager Paula Gross, ED David McIsaac, Warehouse Manager Bruce Murison – Photo by Kenan Cooper

After 27 years, Bruce Murison was stepping aside from his role as Executive Director of Mission of Deeds, the role McIsaac has since assumed.

“I have giant shoes to fill,” said McIsaac.

Mission of Deeds, a nonprofit organization located on Chapin Ave, provides new beds and gently used furniture to individuals in need. Clients are referred to Mission of Deeds by case workers, doctors, places of worship, and the like and are able to set up an appointment to select furniture from the Mission of Deeds warehouse. Anything donated to Mission of Deeds will be directly provided to a client without an extensive bureaucratic process.

Clients who are seeking aid from Mission of Deeds “are transitioning out of homelessness, fleeing domestic violence, or they just had an incident with a fire or a flood, so they are in dire straits,” said McIsaac.

Alongside the furniture and new beds that Mission of Deeds provides, clients are also supplied items like vacuum cleaners and lamps, as well as grocery store gift cards to assist in buying anything needed to fill a clients’ cabinet. “Not only are you getting your coffee table and dresser, but the clients can fill their cupboard with kitchen essentials and household goods.”

Mission of Deeds services clients from towns within Middlesex and Essex counties, as well as Revere, Chelsea, Winthrop, Lynn, Lowell, and Lawrence. McIsaac has noted an exponential increase in need for assistance, as Mission of Deeds serves three to four clients daily.

“It’s a tremendous service that we can offer to residents,” said McIsaac. “When the clients come here, they really are able to get a fresh start.”

Mission of Deeds is free of charge for both clients and those who choose to donate. With a truck on the road three days a week, Mission of Deeds picks up donations from 11 towns, including Reading. “It startles me to know that most people don’t know that,” exclaims McIsaac. Mission of Deeds is also always looking for volunteers for their workshop, for anybody who is handy to prepare furniture items and bring them back to life.

McIsaac sings the highest praises to the staff and volunteers at Mission of Deeds, who have made his transition into the role incredibly smooth. “The staff and volunteers here have all given me a warm embrace and showed me the ropes and made sure the ship keeps sailing in the right direction” said McIsaac. “I’m really fortunate to have the backing of tremendous teammates and volunteers.”

“I am grateful to be selected and chosen to lead this organization forward, hopefully for another 27 years.”

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