Massachusetts State Police Statement Regarding Vigilance and Readiness

Boston — The former leader of the terrorist group Hamas has called for a “global day of jihad” — or attacks against non-Islamists — today, Friday, Oct. 13, 2023.

At this time we are aware of no specific or credible threats in Massachusetts related to the attack on Israel or the call for jihad by terrorists, but as ever, we remain vigilant and will advise our citizens if that changes.

Please know that we maintain constant vigilance and a consistently high state of readiness to rapidly respond to developing threats, critical incidents, and requests for assistance.

Our Fusion Center — our intelligence center — is in constant communication with our local, federal, and international law enforcement partners regarding potential threats, while our Watch Center monitors incidents across the state and region 24/7/365 to provide awareness to incident commanders and coordinate deployment of State Police assets as needed.

We will continue to communicate with and advise our partners, including the ADL and other organizations of any potential threats. Additionally, we are prepared to support communities and educational institutions with protest and civil disorder response if needed.

As always, we urge the public to call 911 to immediately report any suspicious person, object, or activity to law enforcement. Thank you.

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