Reading Police Log September 6-7, 2023

Reading, MA – Excerpts from the Reading Police and Fire log:

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

  • 8:23am – Laurel Lane resident located a lost dog.
  • 9:41am – Extra check of a Longview Road residence.
  • 9:56am – Traffic lights at Main Street and South Street are not cycling properly.
  • 10:37am – Speedboard deployment on the Common.
  • 10:49am – Sick or injured fox is in the gutter near Castine Field.
  • 12:21pm – Complaint regarding an eighteen-wheeler unloading on Main Street.
  • 2:10pm – Traffic enforcement on Eaton Street.
  • 2:49pm – Officer monitoring Walgreens on Bolton Street for ongoing youth disturbance issue.
  • 3:10pm – Speedboard deployment in Brande Court parking lot.
  • 3:12pm – Traffic enforcement on Salem Street.
  • 3:18pm – Green Meadow Drive resident reports credit card fraud.
  • 3:45pm – Speedboard deployment in Upper Municipal parking lot.
  • 4:12pm – Extra check of a Longview Road residence.
  • 6:28pm – Complaint regarding individuals using the tennis courts on Pine Ridge Road while they are closed.
  • 10:01pm – Traffic enforcement on Harnden Street.

Thursday, September 7, 2023

  • 1:36am – Extra check of a Longview Road residence.
  • 3:10am – Lift assist for a Woburn Street resident.
  • 6:25am – Report of a possible bylaw violation in the Market Basket parking lot on General Way.
  • 7:22am – Commercial alarm at the Reading Animal Clinic on Main Street.
  • 10:22am – Gould Street resident reports a missing wallet.
  • 11:04am – Extra check of a Longview Road residence.
  • 12:41pm – Officer monitoring pedestrian traffic at Walgreens on Bolton Street.
  • 1:19pm – Traffic enforcement on Main Street.
  • 2:59pm – Traffic enforcement at Charles Lawn Cemetery.
  • 3:05pm – Merake Medical on Main Street reports a suspicious person using false names.
  • 3:09pm – Report of a suspicious person hitchhiking at the Haverhill Street rotary.
  • 3:51pm – Oak Street resident complains regarding a van parked on the street for multiple weeks.
  • 4:20pm – Audible alarm at a Bond Street residence.
  • 4:41pm – Report of a low-hanging wire on Salem Street.
  • 4:47pm – General fire alarm at Perico Dentist on Walkers Brook Road.
  • 5:01pm – Report that vehicles are doing donuts and causing a disturbance in the parking lot at Jordan’s Furniture on Walkers Brook Drive.
  • 5:03pm – Traffic enforcement on Charles Street.
  • 5:06pm – Probation officer requests a check of the area on Gould Street.
  • 7:58pm – Caller is concerned that a suspicious person is drinking outside on Beacon Street.
  • 8:14pm – Traffic enforcement on Pleasant Street.
  • 8:59pm – Field House door alarm at RMHS.
  • 11:12pm – Extra check of a Longview Road residence.
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