What’s the Big Idea? Reading Public Library Keeps Minds and Imaginations Buzzing

New library-wide initiative

Reading, MA—The Reading Public Library has started a new initiative called What’s the Big Idea? to rally the whole library and community around a theme during the months of September thru May. A new theme will be chosen each year.

The chosen theme behind What’s the Big Idea will be reflected in programs, services, collections, and general space – a shared library experience for the Town of Reading. Chosen by a small committee of RPL staff members, the inaugural theme is RPL: Your Place is Here and will celebrate libraries natural identity as a “third space” or social/communal environment that entices individuals to gather to explore, interact, and imagine.

Perhaps you need new seeds from our Seed Library for your fall garden or a new puzzle from a neighbor to jazzercise the mind. Maybe you are seeking social connections with peers coping with memory care or fellow teens who love to strategize around what some consider that hardest game in the world. Or perhaps, just perhaps you are craving the intoxicating aroma of a library book or a peaceful nook to rest, because at RPL, your place is here.

Not sure what big idea fits your current mood? Check out our website and look for the “icon” or simply step inside the library and instantly become a member of our beloved third space and help us keep libraries inspired, curious, and connected.

The Reading Public Library is committed to evolving together to strengthen communication, equity, collaboration, and learning in our community. Our mission is to be a center and resource for learning and civic engagement. We provide a place and platform of, by, and for the people who can benefit as individuals as well as contribute to the well-being of the community. We work to achieve these goals and commitments by focusing on education, equity, accountability, and access.

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