LtE: ACLU Claim

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Since emails are no longer in the Select Board packet, I thought I would forward this as a Letter to the Editor.  

Hi Reading Residents,

I think it is important for residents to understand their rights.  

Dear Select Board Members and Fidel,

I hope you have all enjoyed your summer. For the third time (emails sent on 10/21/22, 11/16/22, and 11/21/22), I am reaching out regarding Ms. Herrick and any other member of the Select Board who still have me and any other constituents of Reading blocked on Facebook.

On numerous occasions, Ms. Herrick has used her personal Facebook account to post about town business. This is a violation of the First Amendment. If residents, including myself, are not unblocked immediately, with confirmation, I will file a claim with the ACLU of Massachusetts.,may%20violate%20the%20First%20Amendment.


Melissa Murphy
Van Norden Road

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