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Reading, MA — Paul Santucci, along with his team of agents, have worked over the last seven years to build up True North Realty, an agency located in Reading, MA. True North Realty strives to improve the value of every home they sell and remains steadfast for their buyers, a commitment they take very seriously.

Paul Santucci, True North Realty – Photo by Kenan Cooper

Santucci moved from his home state of New York to the Boston area shortly after college, where he would eventually meet his wife. He was originally a real estate agent in downtown Boston selling loft-style spaces, but his perspective shifted as Santucci and his family moved to Reading in 2009.

In his original position, Santucci appreciated a separation between his work and his community and family life. However, as he became more involved in the Reading community, Santucci saw the value in engaging with his community in a new way: residential real estate.

He opened True North Realty in 2016 with his business partner, Marina Tramontozzi, with whom he shares the same vision for real estate. True North Realty is a family-owned, boutique real estate agency located on Woburn Street.

“We’ve been growing because I think people appreciate the service we give,” said Santucci. “We try to add the human element. It’s always going to be a human business because people have a lot of emotions in real estate, and there’s an investment. We take that very seriously.”

True North Realty places significant emphasis on diverse, modern advertising techniques to feature the town of Reading in its best light. Alongside Gretchen Masciarelli, True North Realty’s creative marketing director, Santucci brings buyers in through social media, videos, and other unique forms of advertisement to bring a modern touch. Weekly videos are used on social media to collaborate with small businesses in the area.

True North Realty Team

“It makes me feel good when I give people value to the community and spread the word about local business, especially those related to real estate,” said Santucci.

Santucci has a real estate marketing and brand-building background and is applying that work to residential real estate. True North Realty and its clients benefit from this combination of marketing and sales because of the incorporation of creativity in disseminating information on listings.

Santucci and True North realtors work to promote the exposure of True North through collaboration with local businesses and promoting these businesses to incoming residents. They find that this helps the local community and also provides more knowledge about the town to new homeowners. Santucci will source local handymen, painters, landscapers, and home stagers, among other professionals, to add value to new houses on the market and later recommend them to buyers.

“I will give clients gifts [by] working with local artists to maybe make a print, or an artwork of their new or former home, signs or mugs from Tin Bucket, and have a fresh plant for their home, or something where I can help small businesses too. I love giving back, and I love all the great eclectic shops we have in town.”

True North Realty has continued to be successful and growing since opening seven years ago. Santucci recognizes the competitive nature of realty in Reading but commends this environment as conducive to growth and an overall positive experience.

“The wonderful thing about Reading is that there are so many fantastic real estate agents here. Reading is fortunate to have such strong, intelligent, diligent, knowledgeable real estate agents. They welcomed me with open arms,” said Santucci. “I’m a big collaborator; I believe that business can grow with competition and collaboration.”

Marina Tramontozzi and Paul Santucci from True North Realty – Photo by Kenan Cooper

True North Realty sells homes all over the North and South Shores, but its focus is primarily on single-family homes in Reading and surrounding towns. Santucci firmly believes that having realtors who live in the area where they sell is incredibly beneficial for their clients. Providing inside knowledge and the ins and outs of the towns where they operate adds even more value to the homes that True North Realty sells.

“When I get the call to sell someone’s home, I am fortunate to get that call, and I never forget how important it is to raise the value of the house for the sellers and make their lives easier as they move into a new stage of their lives.”

Santucci’s goal with True North Realty is to work as hard as possible when selling homes for the highest potential value for his clients. He greatly appreciates the fact that houses are meaningful in some capacity to those selling and buying, and all realtors at True North regard their role in clients’ lives highly.

“We know how important it is when someone’s looking for a house that’s going to be life-changing. The house they get the keys to on closing day, that’s going to change their lives, their children’s lives, their family’s lives.”

They find that their duty as realtors is to sell both homes and the community because as homes improve in value, as does the community around them. True North Realtors see more than a commission; they view their work as promoting the collective, not just themselves.

“Our culture is educating our buyers and sellers; our goal is to raise value in our communities with each house that we sell,” said Santucci. “I’m selling the community, I’m selling the house, and I never take for granted how important that is. I strive with each sale to do better than the last home.”

As a self-proclaimed real estate coach, Santucci understands it is his prerogative to do the best he can for his clients and the Town of Reading and has successfully done this with True North Realty. He looks forward to continuing his work with current and incoming Reading residents and is “happy that Reading continues to be a town [he is] proud to live in and work in.”

To contact Paul Santucci and the True North Realty Team:

(617) 694-0004
@pauljsantucci (Instagram)

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