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Graceful Aesthetics – Photos by Kenan Cooper

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Reading, MA — Nurse injector Michele Dwyer has taken off with her aesthetics business, Graceful Aesthetics. Operating out of The Style Lounge in Reading, Dwyer continues to pursue her life-long passion for skincare alongside her practice as a surgical nurse.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Dwyer has always been involved in skin care. After having worked at Catherine Hinds, Dwyer’s mother was her inspiration for this passion. Dwyer got many facials and learned to pay close attention to her skincare.

Michele Dwyer, owner Graceful Aesthetics

Dwyer went to nursing school and continues to work as a surgical nurse, but began to follow her true passion – skincare – as she began to “age-up.”

She left her healthcare consulting job to move to Nantucket, where she took an injector class which she loved. Dwyer slowly worked into the field and has continued to take classes to this day.

“I have this desire to always learn new things, but I can only do one thing as a time because I work as a surgical nurse,” said Dwyer

Dwyer operates her business, Graceful Aesthetics, out of The Style Lounge in Reading. Her most popular services are wrinkle relaxers and peels, but Dwyer also does fillers. Seeing clients of all ages, Dwyer places emphasis on making her client feel good, not what she may think is best.

“I ask clients what is it what bothers you the most. I don’t say to them they need this this this and this. No one wants to hear what has to be done,” she said. “It’s about you, not me.”

Michele Dwyer, Registered Nurse and Skin Care Specialist at The Style Lounge

Dwyer pays special attention to work slowly and easily to build into her client’s personality. She pays special attention to what bothers her client to make them feel better from the outside in because receiving these services can be a big decision.

Clients frequently see Dwyer for touch-ups to their lips and some lines they may find between their eyes, above their eyebrows, and next to their eyes. The peel that Dwyer employs, ViPeel, works for all skin types and can work to tone your face, but can go as deep as acne scars without the use of lasers, which is a huge part of Dwyer’s emphasis on equal access to skincare.

At The Style Lounge, Dwyer is looking forward to hosting free consultation days, peel parties with appetizers and refreshments, monthly Botox and filler sales, and events for B12 shots, which is helpful for energy and metabolism. She is looking to continue expanding her business and the services she offers, as she is a “student of skin” and is constantly learning. 

“If you’re not taking care of your skin and I’m injecting it, you might as well just give me the money. Skincare is an investment. You need to take care of your investment,” said Dwyer. “It’s just not about getting the procedure done; it’s about learning how to take care of your skin and about educating the people of Reading.”

Graceful Aesthetics operates in The Style Lounge at 175 Haven St, Reading, MA
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