Candidates Request Recount for Select Board; Library Board

Reading, MA — Town Clerk Laura Gemme announced that two recount petitions for the April 4 election were filed with Town Hall on Thursday afternoon. The first petition was filed by Select Board candidate Melissa Murphy, who lost the April 4 election by five votes. The second petition was filed by Library Board of Trustees candidate Brian Curry, who lost by 568 votes.  This is the first recount for a local election in Reading.

Both petitions requested hand recounts in all eight precincts. According to Commonwealth of Massachusett Law, a candidate can request a recount by petition with ten signatures from registered voters per precinct. Both petitions met the signature requirements and have been certified by the clerk.

The Board of Registrars will meet Monday, April 19 at 5 pm to discuss the recount process.

Gemme said the date for the recount would likely be April 22 at 9 am in the Hawkes Field House. 

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