LtE: A Time to Heed “Facta Non Verba”

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As a resident of Reading for forty-four years, presently a Town Meeting member for over a decade, and educator for thirty-six years in the Reading school system, I am both pleased and honored to submit this letter in support of two outstanding candidates, Carlo Bacci and Melissa Murphy, seeking election to a three-year term on the Select Board. These two individuals are perfectly suited to be of service to all Reading residents. They possess the character, competency, aptitude, and ability to make important decisions based on what is BEST for all those who live and work in our town.

Elected his first term with the highest number of votes, Mr. Bacci is well-known and highly respected as a formidable public servant, continually advocating for reasonable, common sense solutions when faced with a myriad of present challenges and those anticipated for the future. Carlo has never wavered from his first and foremost priority; that is, to respectfully listen and respond to the needs, concerns, and issues of all Reading residents. As a successful and authentic small businessman, he is particularly knowledgeable in matters relating to maintaining and encouraging business enterprises, realizing that a thriving downtown will result in a thriving community. 

During Carlo’s first term as an active and engaged Select Board member, voters have continually acknowledged and applauded his honesty and sincerity. Carlo’s service to the community is altruistic; he does not have a personal, self-serving agenda. His primary and practical agenda is to restore rational and respectful governance to our town. Reading residents can take comfort knowing that a vote for Carlo Bacci is a vote for a Champion. He has been and will continue to champion for sensible and manageable water rates, which have risen out of control causing unnecessary stress on Reading families and businesses. Many constituents relate their water bills have now doubled, skyrocketing to over a thousand dollars, which is unacceptable. In addition to Carlo’s business acumen and his efforts to stabilize water rates, he is the current Chair of the Symonds Way Exploratory Committee, will pursue Recreation projects through a Town-Wide Survey, and will continue to support the Killam School and Senior Center projects, to name a fraction of his service initiatives as a Select Board member. Voters can trust Carlo Bacci to manage their tax dollars wisely and in a cost-effective manner.

A second candidate I wholeheartedly support is Melissa Murphy, a fifteen-year Reading resident with impeccable personal and professional credentials. Melissa’s work and life experiences have uniquely positioned her to be the ideal choice for a seat on the Reading Select Board. Her skill-set as a paralegal for eight years, her criminal justice related positions, and her proficiencies in research and analytics will serve as valuable resources for Board members while they navigate through a complex series of capital projects and budgetary decisions. As the mother of four children and as a Select Board member, Melissa will advocate for responsible and reasonable spending, small business support, and public services for all residents, especially seniors. Ms. Murphy also understands the need to fill a growing number of volunteer positions to ensure our town runs smoothly. In addition, because of her own volunteer experiences at Connect the Tots, the Wood End PTO & School Council, and her election to Town Meeting, Melissa is focused on developing strategies to attract volunteers for a wide range of town committees and departments. In speaking with Melissa, what is most impressive is her open-mindedness, her aptitude for listening to all points of view, and her desire to foster respectful communication among all Board members. 

Please join with me in casting your vote for these two exemplary Select Board candidates whose “actions” will create a climate of inclusivity, unity, and collegiality as they work together respecting the views of all Board members, staff, volunteers, and town residents. This Latin phrase “Facta, non Verba” – “Actions not Words” is just as pertinent today as we head to the polls, as it was thousands of years ago.

Thank you,

Eileen Litterio

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