Brian Curry BOLT Candidacy Announcement

The following candidacy statement is for the local Reading Election of April 4, 2023

Dear Reading Residents,

My name is Brian Curry and I’m announcing my candidacy for Town Meeting – Precinct Two and for Board of Library Trustee (BOLT). I’ve lived in Reading since 2019 with my wife and two young daughters. I am running for BOLT because I want to have a positive impact on the community, am mindful of residents’ taxes, will focus on being fiscally responsible, and will help the library continue in the tradition of educating and developing our children while being an institution that represents our shared community values.

My background includes a degree in Government and Legal Studies and minor in Education from Bowdoin College along with an MBA from Babson. I am a licensed educator and former international teacher having taught from pre-school to high school, coached and worked as a high school Athletic Director. Following my time spent in education, I have built a fifteen year career in business and am a financial planner and advisor. Furthermore, I am well versed in working with people with other backgrounds and cultures, having lived internationally for four years between Taiwan and Australia.

My goals for BOLT include reviewing policies and procedures in an effort to improve transparency. For example, most other committees in town have their meetings televised for public viewing, yet BOLT does not. Secondly, as a parent, if you want to volunteer at your child’s school, coach a sports team, be a scout leader, or even a lector at church, you need to have a CORI check. However, the library does not require CORI checks for non-library staff running programs in the library. These policies may be justified, but they need to be examined, discussed and reevaluated, which I plan on doing.

I respectfully ask for your vote and believe residents should vote for me because

  1. I am well-rounded: With my Government and Education degrees, work with children as a teacher and coach, 15+ year business career, and international experience, I can work cohesively with people of varying ages, backgrounds, opinions and cultures.
  2. I am fiscally responsible: The residents of Reading have limited tax dollars. It is very important we are as efficient as possible with our tax dollars.
  3. I will advocate for our children and community and always make decisions that are in the best interest of our children and Reading’s shared community values.


Brian Curry
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